5th November: Mass Lobby!




Remember, remember, the fifth of November!

Good morning! Today is a big campaigning day for us Remainers! Do what you can to help please.  If on Twitter, join in the day and make it a Twitterstorm. Use these hashtags today:

#WriteThisWrong #OptionToRemain #UKEUchallenge

or simply go online and retweet te hundreds of tweets that we are generating until it trends across the UK. After 700,000 on te streets two weeks ago, we want hundreds of thousands of people ONLINE to see what is happening, join in, and know that we are fighting for #PeoplesVote with option to Remain.

Whether you still have a vote in UK or not, please join in the mass lobby of MPs ftrom (10 am UK time: that’s 11 am here in Costa Blanca.) If you don’t have a vote, please contact your MP of the last constituency where you voted. Letters can be sent by email, and written as formal letters – in Word for example – on email attachments. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS. If you have a UK address as well give that to your MP,

Any questions about lobbying, comment here or on Facebook or use @equusasinus4 on Twitter.


Oh, and if you are one of the people who used to comment here but thought leaving EU was a good idea… (hahaha, crazy crazy)  you probably don’t look in here any more. But if you do take a sneaky look, be afraid, be very afraid, for the tide has turned on the Brexfascists who said glibly “The people have spoken.”  Now they really have, and…



And this man is a tosser, but he finally got a sensible idea into his head…

Arron Banks: “PiggyBanks”  A criminal, a swindler, married to a Russian spy. The TRAITOR who bankrolled the Leave.EU campaign



3 thoughts on “5th November: Mass Lobby!

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    No Gareth, I do not take sneaky looks – I have read every one of your posts, and to be frank, am becoming more than a little concerned that you are becoming way too over excited. Perhaps you need to talk to your donkeys and ask then whether they think that a tiny little island leaving a failing club will result in the end of the world. They will no doubt explain that the sun will still rise tomorrow, and they will require their breakfasts as usual.

    No Gareth, I will not be very afraid. I am a Brit – and not a fascist one – and have faced far more than than a mob of disappointed screaming people who cannot accept the fact that they lost a vote that they were fully expecting to win comfortably.

    Yes Gareth, you are the people – but only 48% of them. A sizeable minority, yes. Still a minority though.


  2. “A mob of disappointed screaming people,” eh?

    The 700,000 who marched were perhaps more middle class, many middle aged, but with huge numbers of young people too. Kids in prams. Lots of happy dogs on their “Wooferendum” walkies. Good humour all round. The atmosphere was very jolly, quite funny at times. “What do we want?” SILENCE… (So many had never been on a demonstration ever before, they didn’t automatically chant the responses!) “What do we want?” Oh… yes of course, “A PEOPLE’S VOTE!”

    In fact it was so much the opposite of the “mob” you fantasize about that it was described as “the longest Waitrose queue in history” by one newspaper. A more good natured and hilarious put-down than your cheap snide remarks above.

    Oh and take a look at the photo on the right, in the blog sidebar: a very smart section of that “mob of disappointed screaming people” you refer to. The Vets4EU group who know from experience – defending YOU and the rest of the UK population – that security will be damaged by leaving the EU. And you will be pleased to know, Jabba, that I am a patriot: a concept of which I hope you still vaguely approve, despite supporting those who intend enriching themselves by ruining your country. Well, I have just joined @Vets4EU and I am proud to once again be part of an HM forces band of brothers and sisters. And in the next march I will be with them in an RAF beret and the smart EU T-shirt.

    I am sorry for you that the 48% have now become a far bigger majority winning back all those that were conned : it must be galling for you. But I shall not delete your comment, no matter how irritating that you come here trolling my blog. In fact I’ll rejoice in keeping it on this blog for all to see, so readers can know what we are facing up to, but you will not write here again. I regard this as a betrayal of trust. This blog is my home; my diary, as you well know. I would not walk into your house and insult you. If I decided I didn’t like you, I would stay away.

    The people who have inflicted this Brexit crime on us have caused too much pain already. (Don’t deny it is a crime. The evidence is already out in public!) There are British residents in their 80s, pensioners who lie awake at night here wondering what the hell they are going to do without health care. A Spanish woman was punched in the face on a train in London, for not speaking English for Christ’s sake. And that was just one example of many, but it struck me because I am ashamed of my country when Spaniards hear of that. And yes. FASCISTS. When people paint a swastika on a wall and “EU rats out!” I don’t immediately wonder if the culprits might have been Quakers.

    So now you can leave off trolling my blog – for that is what you’re doing – and you have enough experience of the game at the Daily Telegraph to know I am right. We may have once seemed to be on the same side, and I still have my own very strong sense of Catholic tradition but it doesn’t ally itself with fascism. And you can stay out of my blog comments for good. We have nothing in common.

    And it is YOU who must be “disappointed” for the tide has turned and you people will not get your way. The British people now know they were conned and it looks like it might all be stopped. Damage has been done though. Unfortunately, it has divided the nation, divided families, divided friends. The damage is done.

    Goodbye Jabba. Don’t write here again.


  3. A positive lobbying day for positive people! How did people who voted to remain in the EU ever get labelled with being Remoaners?! 😁


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