Fake Brexit news: Muslims ban Christmas

I dedicate this blog post to the fellow Catholic who came here – a few days ago – sewing division and ruin.  Mate, you lost the battle and lost the war.  Brexit is falling apart.

Folks, there is a whole community out there fighting for your citizens’ rights, as British in Spain or Lithuanians in Crewe, or whatever. And we are going to break this Brexit nonsense. It is falling apart anyway.

Nigel Farage – whose children speak German – a man who has inspired racists to attack people on trains for talking into a telephone in Spanish

Having joined this whole fight against Brexit last year, I spent so much of the time (with BiE – British in Europe) writing letters to lobby MPs and MEPs. It was all a hidden activity really, and I had no real sense of the army of people out there. It was a last-minute decision for me to fly to London and join 700,000 people who felt the same way for a People’s Vote on the Brexit deal.

If the bastards in Downing Street and Westminster and the BBC didn’t think the news important, they missed the point. For we suddenly saw we could do it: one #LastMile But there was more. We saw who we were. We recognized each other – on that march from Hyde Park to Westminster – and we saw how different we were, and how similar we were. The learning experience was that we were breaking down barriers to unite and be Europe.

Ironically, Brexit produced the circumstances in which more people have gathered to express their European identity than any time or any place in Europe since the EU began. Had you thought of that?

And I want to put this video here because it is something I found on the @vets4EU Facebook page – the ex-forces group I am proud to belong to – campaigning to remain in Europe. We found the video very funny. We found it funny because it mocks the lies of the fascists in this Brexit shambles. @vets4EU (veterans for Europe) stands up for diversity and against racism. Did you know that’s what HM forces personnel stand for? Well you should. In HM forces, one thing you learn, from the moment you put on that uniform, is that people are different and you have to get on and live and act together.

What I’m learning on this Brexit journey is what it teaches us about equality, inclusivity, and anti-racism, anti-fascism. What is marvellous about the Brexit fight is that we find great voices speaking of these values among Conservatives and Labour: the fight is no longer between parties, but between community and division; remaining in Europe versus nationalism and suspicion of neighbour.

I remain in faith a traditional Catholic but I am not in any way threatened by the presence of those of a different faith, or none.  How absurd would that be!  This video has such enormous fun with that idea!

We are going to win this, people:  Brexit is finished.


5 thoughts on “Fake Brexit news: Muslims ban Christmas

  1. Very clever video. The BIG man on the radio is not really breakfast watching… Frightening! A lovely insight into cultural assimilation and recognition of the values we all share. (Well most of us at least… And we need to shout the loudest!)


  2. The inherent spiceism in that comment can be understood when we realize that it comes from a failed teacher who sits in his cubby hole at the end of the science corridor, and cannot even be bothered to enforce the new Swedish rules: all students must be seen to be eating in the corridor and going up or down stairs. On Wednesdays they should be eating a whole pizza, or at least 15% pie chart portions; fish and chips on Fridays, and at all times students should at least be stuffing some sort of sweet Valenciana or other cake into their mouths in the corridor, dropping crumbs and creating slippery surfaces on the stairs. (See Arsistent Principle Pablo Pedalo’s instruction number 459 on these matters.)


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