Brexit: have you written to your MP?

Re-posting my today’s last tweets for those here who are not on Twitter. Today will be a rest day.

Having switched to support @RosieDuffield1 in 2017 and dump Tory Brexiter MP for Canterbury I feel totally betrayed by @JeremyCorbyn and Labour doesn’t deserve any further support with a Leaver at the helm. Disgrace!#PeoplesVote #StopBrexit @BremainInSpain @vets4EU (thread 1/3)

The only hope now is in the cross-party popular mobilisation. A good natured crowd of 700,000 people marched on October 20 demanding an end to #Brexitshambles and this is the only way forward now. Popular action. #PeoplesVote #StopBrexit @BremainInSpain @vets4EU (thread 2/3)

Those in the thick of the battle every day appeal to all of you: do what you can. Write to MPs / MEPs. Make your voice heard! #letterstorm If you are following my tweets, I’m having a rest day today. Last tweet! (Very sore eyes.) Back tomorrow. @BremainInSpain @vets4EU (3/3)

Have a good day. Write to your MP / MEP. Tell them what you think and feel about Brexit.