Resistance to a very British coup

Britain’s oldest newspaper The Observer has this piece of political analysis by the  columnist Nick Cohen today.  If you only read one newspaper article this weekend, read this one.

Meanwhile, in The New European‘s latest issue this week, an article on the pro-Europe veterans group that I have joined and am working for, online from here in Costa Blanca, is given a high–profile two-page spread.  Veterans for Europe marched alongside the rest of the 700,000 pro-Europeans through London on 20 October.  I joined the group shortly after flying back to Spain.


We are both serving and ex-forces people from army, navy and air force. In The New European article, three of our members talk about the way Brexit threatens the defence and security of Britain; damages serving service families (many are married to EU spouses and have children with e.g. German or Dutch citizenship); and finally opens the door to the kind of ultra-right populism we see in the USA and other parts of Europe, gleefully supported by Russian interference.

Wake up to what is happening.  Campaign for a Peoples’ Vote and to remain in the European Union.

Screenshot_2018-11-14 Veterans for Europe #FBPE ( Vets4EU) Twitter
@Vets4EU Twitter main page


Our twitter handle is  @vets4EU and we have a (public) Facebook page here.

The devious people who sold Brexit to the populance of the UK claim to be “taking back control”.  It was a very clever ruse.  They claim to be patriots, where in truth they are traitors who are taking control for the international ultra-right conspiracy promoted by Steve Bannon and people like the little Hitler Nigel Farage; and working on behalf of the rogue state run by Putin’s mafia.

The Mueller Enquiry in the United Staes will soon fully expose the UK part of the franchise and I understand a US extradition warrant has been issued for Julian Assange as soon as he steps out from sanctuary in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is soon to be expelled.

To be honest, I am utterly sick of this whole business and the sooner I can get back to planting beans and caring for my lovely donkey in peace the better. I also really hate Twitter and Facebook, and went back on both reluctantly because they are tools in the war machine.  I’m helping with communications, from right here in this remote spot. Such is the internet and the world we are connected to. There is a job to be done.