Gibrexit: the joker in the pack



I have read the Gibraltar story and editorials in El Pais, El Periodico, La Vanguardia, ABC, and my regional newspaper, Informacion de Alicante. It is clear that the same line runs right across the political spectrum: the Brexit isolation of both the UK and the Rock – outside of the EU – gives an opportunity for Spain to weaken UK sovreignty over Gibraltar and gradually gain more control over the territory. This will be justified by addressing the economic competition of the territory and reigning it in.

I confess to some surprise at the speed this has come about, because as I reported just two days ago – before the EU summit – conservative editorials were saying the Gibraltar card was simply political gamesmanship by Prime Minister Sánchez. It was dressed up as merely an attempt by a minority government to gain wider appeal among Spaniards. All that changed at the EU summit. Now in Spain they have begun to voice a significant push to drive home the advantage.

The Spanish have woken up to a simple fact: when Britain leaves the EU, Gibraltar is no longer protected by being a sovreign territory of a fellow EU member state. In the Spanish press today this is the main quote from Sánchez, “With Brexit we are all the losers, but Spain wins with Gibraltar.” Every newspaper carries this statement, from the main national papers to regional newspapers like Informacion de Alicante.

I will leave the final word from the Spanish press to the ABC editorial (conservative-monarchist right) which spells it out: “The President of the Government correctly defined the situation by explaining that Gibraltar leaves the EU together with the United Kingdom, but its future relations with Europe will necessarily pass through Spain.”

In several blog articles now, I have referred to the Brexiteers as “traitors”.  Now do you begin to see it?  The rogue mafia state of Vladimir Putin is the only winner here.