The Referendum begins


When the two main arch-Brexiters May and Corbyn failed to show up for a TV debate, it became a 4-way party debate on TV. The semiology of this should be clear to everyone: and I refer to the the science of the way visual meaning is created. When you have four politicians lined up behind lecterns proposing alternative policies, you are already in a run-up to a peoples’ vote.

So I’m going to make a bold statement here that nobody else it yet suggesting. We are NOW in the campaign for a #PeoplesVote. It began without Parliament making any decision – because they’ve lost it – and Channel 4 took the initiative after the failure of May and Corbyn to even respect the public by appearing in front of them; both being terrified of putting their absurd arguments before the nation.

Caroline Lucas MP got the campaign off to a good start. What she said in favour of a Peoples’ Vote puts the Green Party firmly in the moral lead, and it is now the time to listen to her, to Conservatives like Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston, to Labour Remainers like David Lammy and Chukah Ummuna, and to the Liberals who are all except one rebel committed to a referendum. Tere are no political parties any more: you are either pro-Europe or you are promoting ruin.

Today has already seen the court judgment from the European Court of Justice in the Article 50 case: we can withdraw it and remain in the EU.

In the Courts of Justice, either today or tomorrow, we shall know the result of Sue Wilson v. Prime Minister. Tomorrow is the Commons vote on May’s deal, which will probably fail. The future of the UK is in the balance, and we watch from here as UK residents in Spain while our lives are still in limbo.

Many here will not have a vote – again! – even if the referendum offers a new and optimistic solution to stay in Europe. It is a scandal that we paid our taxes and have British citizenship but so many have no vote. This is not a 21st century way to treat the people: we must campaign for voting rights. Whatever happens, that campaign must begin now and I will be part of it.

2 thoughts on “The Referendum begins

  1. Yes, the People’s Vote campaign is already off to a fine start! The British in Europe should be allowed to vote WHEN we have a PROPER referendum.


  2. The initiative has to be with the people now: the politicians have lost it. We just need to start leafleting and campaigning and let them catch up when they come to their senses!


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