Leavers ALREADY campaigning to win second referendum on social media – with even WORSE LIES than before

URGENT: Russian propaganda already beginning to try and undermine the referendum.

Pride's Purge

While Remainers haven’t even got off the starting blocks – a detailed list of anti-EU lies and fake news claiming what would happen if the UK remained in the EU is already being circulated widely by Leave campaigners in preparation for a 2nd referendum.

The Leavers have even falsely used the name of a real former army helicopter pilot – Richard Knocker – as the author of a Facebookpost to try to give it more credibility.

Mr Knocker denies being the author of the lies being circulated:

The lies on the list include fake news that if the UK remains in the EU it will be forced to join the Euro and the Schengen zone, that the House of Commons and the House of Lords will be made redundant and ALL national vetoes will be scrapped (click to enlarge):

The fake news post is being shared by people like Tommy…

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