Pinky and Perky go to Benidorm


A quick beer and lunch time tapas

I wrote yesterday about the nasty scene created by an angry Brit who confronted me in a bar and screamed, “Keep your fucking ideas to yourself you fucking traitor!”
Presumably it was because he perceived me to be the only person he knows who is actively campaigning to Remain in the EU, this man (I don’t know what the guy’s name is, so let’s call him Pinky) took his anger out on me. I have no idea if he is employed, self-employed or retired.
But I have some interesting information today that explains his angry outburst. The two men – the other I vaguely know but shall not name him, let’s call him Perky – had just been to get their health checks done in order to obtain a Spanish driving licence because of Brexit.
A friend of Perky told me today that he and Pinky had gone to the driving licence centre in Benidorm to start the process of applying for licences, and Pinky had got more and more angry about having to get a Spanish licence. Perky definitely needs one as he is a delivery driver. There were also communication problems as neither men speak Spanish, despite having lived here for years.
By the way, that is exactly the kind of situation I have offered to help out with, as a fluent Spanish speaker: they only had to ask, and I have made it very clear both on my Facebook page and talking to people in the British bar. I said I’d help people with applications for health access, social security, driving licences, etc.

A jaunt to Benidorm

On the way to the Benidorm driving licence centre with his mate Perky, Pinky mouthed off all the way, apparently, and he didn’t see why he should have to lose his British licence and was worried about the consequences when he went back to the UK (would a Spanish licence be accepted to drive in UK? etc.)

By the time he and Perky came into the bar where I was working on my computer, he was seething with rage. (I actually wrote yesterday, I note, that he was giving off “vibes”.)
So this man, who supports Brexit, took out all his anger on me because I am involved in stopping Brexit; when in fact he was angry because he felt totally stupid that his pro-Brexit fantasy was now damaging his own life! Classic.
I have been aware for some time – and wrote about this before – that the British bar in Finestrat has an unusually large number of UK residents who are Leavers. They don’t say much about it, but speak in hushed voices, as we all know that Brexit has cost us a huge amount of worry for two and a half years.
That bar is like the Finestrat equivalent of the Queen Vic in East Enders (the soap opera of which my father Barry Thomas used to be the Script Editor in the 1980s-1990s). I had long given that as my reason for not drinking there, when chatting to my drinking friend in the Bar Cantonet. But the Cantonet was closed for a while in 2018 and we ended up drinking in the British bar instead.
I stopped drinking there back in November, having had a very clear message that my views were not welcome. Yesterday’s entirely unacceptable behaviour by Pinky in the Spanish bar, when I was only answering the questions his friend Perky was asking me, lead me to a definite conclusion: I do not wish to circulate the UK residents of Finestrat any longer with the invitation to use my Facebook information page to help with their Brexit concerns. I shall continue to circulate that invitation around the villages of Orxeta, Relleu and Sella. Those who I already know in Finestrat, of course know where to find me, and where to find my Facebook page.***

Aitana Residents self-help Group :
Brexit information for UK-residents of Relleu, Orxeta, Sella.

Notice to UK residents in Relleu, Orxeta & Sella: last reminder to apply for your Spanish driving licence before the end of February. Same all over Europe now: UK residents are quickly changing their UK licences for locally issued ones.  If you don’t do this and UK crashes out with no-deal, you will need to take a driving test again to get a Spanish licence. Last call here for this issue. If you want information about how to do it, contact me.

Pinky & Perky

Some people have no idea of what I am referring to.  Indeed, even after watching this, you’ll have no idea why I was referring to them…  Or was it a gammon reference?  🙂


*** Update April 2019

This blog post in January referred to my Facebook page.  I have since left both Facebook and Twitter and closed down both accounts as they only existed for practical involvement in the Remain campaign. I have now returned to email lobbying work which does not require any use of social media accounts.  What a relief!  Social media have become so toxic due to Brexit that you need to have a shower after contact with these platforms!  Nasty stuff.  Bye bye Facebook and Twitter: I will not miss you!

4 thoughts on “Pinky and Perky go to Benidorm

  1. It is very back gammoned of people like Pinky with Rage to take their Brexit reality check out on you, whilst their friends are asking you questions because they know that you are informed and are happy to offer advice. They can Leave but they will Remain ignorant, Remain unable to communicate in the country they choose to live in, and Remain in the British Bar. Good.

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  2. So let’s see. Mr Pinky wishes to reside in a country which belongs to a union he voted to leave in 2016? There’s no contradiction there. Is there?
    Surely, his time could be put to better use flying drones over Gatwick.

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  3. Pinky is a proper porky prick, but I’ve just been listening to the discussion of the Airbus plant in North Wales, where the overwhelming majority of the workers at the Broughton Airbus plant (biggest employer in Wales) voted to leave the EU.

    Airbus boss (is he called the Airboss?) now saying there will need to be a re-think about this, as Airbus is a European project with plants located all over Europe – usually to relieve unemployment in particular blackspots. Local MP on Radio 4 contradicting the boss of Airbus UK, because as a Tory with his trotters in the Brexit trough, he knows far more about aerospace business than a mere head of Airbus UK… According to the MP, this is just “project fear.”

    Ah yes, the unicorns are flying again. Soon nothing else will be, apart from your drones at Gatwick of course…

    You know, even the stupid Private Baldrick in Blackadder had a plan.


  4. Alys, Pinky is indeed a very rood and norty man.

    However, since noticing I had given him the name subconsciously also thinking of “Pinkie” – the East End gangster in Graham Greene’s ‘Brighton Rock’ – I can see I might imagine more of his adventures in Benidorm. (e.g.’Pinky’s Visit to the Tapas Bar’… You know La Tragantia, that really smart tapas bar in the old town? Think of Pinky storming out, saying, “No fkg hamburgers! And you call that a fkg tapas bar?”

    Yes, he may become the new Pablo Pedalo.


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