I was that idiot


Patrizia Piccardo, a teacher at Buckingham School, just made an interesting comment on Facebook: she thanked the idiots who voted tactically in 2017 in support of Labour and just gave us another Brexit party.

This was my reply:

“I was that idiot. In 2017 I sent my postal vote into Canterbury from here in the Costa Blanca. Considering the situation, I had to oust Julian Brazier MP (a Conservative and Brexiter) which was a very hard thing to do as he was a good constituency MP and during my years teaching at Archbishop’s School Canterbury he was a good friend of the school and supported me personally with matters that needed raising with the authorities (e.g. the police computer when it messed up on a routine CRB check for me!)

So I helped oust Brazier and install Rosie Duffield MP. I then spent the next 6 months – in lobbying work with British in Europe – writing to all MPs and MEPs about the concerns of the 1 million UK residents in Europe and 3 million EU residents in UK, and received no reply ever from Rosie Duffield.

I had no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn from the outset, as I know him from the 1970s from SB undercover work with the police, and know he has always been a hard-line Trotskyist anti-European.

Sometimes, tactical voting idiocy is simply done in despair at the lack of any other alternative, bar destroying your voting paper. I used to think, when I was teaching English Literature to GCSE students in Canterbury – all those years ago – that when they had read and seen, and studied in detail, Priestley’s “An Inspector Calls” they would be politically educated enough… Then along came the ultra Tories, armed with Russian money, digital methods Orwell never dreamt of, tax dodging spiv-millionaires and populism.


Well, sorry for being the idiot that never saw it coming. In Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” (the favourite book of my favourite Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams), the eponymous hero is only an idiot because he remains true to the moral values everyone else has abandoned.

2 thoughts on “I was that idiot

  1. Thank you for your mention. Yes, I said “Unfortunately the tactical voting idiots only managed to ensure the survival of another brexiter”.
    I know that wasn’t the intention, but maybe we should have just voted for what we wanted, rather than against what we didn’t want.

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  2. Thank you for commenting here Patrizia. You suggested later that, “voting for ANY remain Party would have been better.” I agree. We were not clear that Labour was NOT a remain party, for that was the fudge in 2017.

    And you add, “We reinforced his position. In hindsight, it was THE mistake remainers made, and may well be the reason why Brexit will not be stopped.”

    Now my point was in response to that, we believe Brexit CAN be stopped. But the danger, which you have pointed out so well, is that we will end up voting all over the place and losing again. The fact that some 18% of voters are so stupid as to think “no-deal” means we stay in Europe is remarkable.

    The campaign is being discussed already and the dangers are very obvious, we will repeat it all again.


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