What do you make of this image?


Coming soon to this blog: “The Semiology of the Mogg-cast.”

I am struck by the overt display of fascistic signs and symbols in the graphic for the Mogg-person’s weekly address to the nation. Can you spot them? I am writing a semiological analysis.

In the spirit of Umberto Eco and Roland Barthes, I’m going to write a semiological essay on this image. Meanwhile, please read Eco’s essay “Ur Fascism” which set the standard in 1995 for a postmodern definition of fascism.

Barthes & Eco inspired us in the first cohort of the B.Hum. in Visual Communications at Goldsmiths College in the 70s. The course was the brainchild of Richard Hoggart (The Uses of Literacy) and we were the first cohort to go through it: we were all recruited from an advert in Time Out magazine, so a uniquely metropolitan left-wing cohort, most destined for the new Channel 4 and other media jobs!  (I soon afterwards became a Franciscan friar instead, but that was another story.)

We knew not in those days that there was something more savage than Thatcherism still to come! The semiological analysis essay will be here on my blog on Sunday.

Meanwhile, what do you make of the Mogg image?  Write your comments here in the comment box, and we shall compare notes.

4 thoughts on “What do you make of this image?

  1. This reminds me so much of Mussolini’s office at his house, the Villa Carpena, near Forlí in in Emilia-Romagna, which I visited when following my father’s WW2 itinerary last April.

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  2. Thank you for that, Neil. It is a useful contribution to this discussion. There are elements which could be clearly compared with the Mogg-cast image. Tomorrow I will post the essay, and your photograph here can be a useful reference.


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