#IamEuropean: and looking ahead not back

It’s a calm sunny day after three days of merciless winter winds. When the donkeys have breakfasted I will give them a good slow grooming. This thread is typed and sent from my phone: there’s no hurry to get back indoors to the computer today. No anti-Brexit rush-hour now.


We just set up the Aitana Villages Residents Information Circle and decided the B…. word should not be mentioned. Our UK self-help group includes the confused who oddly voted for it (!) and are now waking up and panicking. We just need to focus on reliable information now.


My daughter Alys is in North Wales; near Broughton Airbus factory where they voted to lose their jobs. We compared the weather, then Alys said, “I can’t remember the last time I received a People’s Vote campaign email.” And she’s right. Me neither. That great hope of 2018.