US Catholic Regina magazine says Brexit is God’s plan. A response.

There is a glossy expensive traditionalist Catholic magazine in the USA called Regina.  When it first came out a few years ago I was very impressed with the quality of the photographs and it was clearly backed by very impressive financial support. I read it for a few issues, but although the glossy photographs were very spiritually uplifting (fashion articles about mantillas for the ladies etc.) I found the text and the intellectual analysis lacking in authenticity, and I lost interest, even though they kept sending me emails inviting me to another six months free subsirption.


I did not give Regina any further thought until today, when I saw a piece by the Regina editor about Brexit on a blog you may not have heard of, called Catholicism Pure & SimpleIt is a traditionalist Catholic blog that I helped launch in 2010, and the key figure in that launch was a character called “Mundabor” who turned out to be a complete fascist, so we changed the password – which was “Salazar,”a clue to his politics – locked him out, and made the blog into something that was still traditional but less fascist than had been intended!

I stayed with it for another year, but the competing pressures of work and moving to a new job in Spain led me to hand over any continuing involvement in the project.  Nine years later, I still comment on the blog from time to time but regret there is not the original content we used to write for it. Most of it is re-blogged material from elsewhere.  the article re-blogged from Regina is the worst kind of populist politics disguised as religious comment that I have ever seen.



An example of a “quote” from the article:  “I know loads of people who voted LEAVE, including my family, and I haven’t heard a bigoted comment from a single one of them. From the REMAIN side, however, there has been explicit ageist bile, contempt for the uneducated, talk of sewers bursting and lizards voting, fantasies about creating a new, independent state that would exclude the rough, backward, ‘racist’ north, and arguments for limiting old people’s right to vote on the basis that they lack the IQ or social nous necessary for making big decisions. If the leaders of REMAIN want to see bigotry, they should look in the mirror.”

Who said this? “(An English man)” the article says. And there is plenty more. The article is worth reading, just to understand the extent of the fake news reporting of Brexit in the American media!  More to the point, however: who is this Beverly Stevens, the Editor of  Regina magazine?  According to the blurb in Regina itself, she has been on Wall Street as a banker and marketing executive for Citigroup and Bear Stearns… “In recent years, Beverly has been working on a consulting basis for a number of prominent clients in New York, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Miami, Chicago and Singapore… Beverly received her MBA in Finance in 1989…” etc.

Just the kind of person who could comment in a dispassionate and spiritual way about the way Catholics should understand Brexit, eh?  Right…  Case closed.

Oh, by the way Beverley, in 2016 at the referendum, the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales strongly recommended that Catholics should support the case to Remain in Europe. They said that for reasons including the work and welfare rights of the poorest, the benefits of the European Union for health, education, science, and in general a Catholic sense of shared cultural European identity that goes back to the medieval period when the first Franciscans and Dominicans set up the universities of Oxford, Paris and Cologne.

But don’t let us belittle your project, Regina magazine and the US corporations, to sell off our health service and reduce the rights of the poorest to free healthcare; or your impatience to flood our markets with chlorinated chicken and genetically tampered beef.

Stick to glossy photos of pretty ladies in mantillas, and leave the pastoral care of the poor to those practising real Catholicism. And while you’re at it, keep your Trumpian fake news to yourselves and wait for Mueller’s enquiry to expose the whole seething corrupt worm-ridden lot of you.  OK?

And just a question, Catholicism Pure & Simple: what happened to the plan we had in 2010 for a spiritually uplifting blog, eh?  Or did Mundabor quietly find his way back in again and deliver this alt-right project, disguised as “catholicism”?

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There are three million European citizens living in the UK and they are now being asked to re-apply to live in their own homes.  The majority of these citizens – including a million Poles – come from Catholic countries.

Support the 3 million EU in UK and the 1 million UK in EU: we are not hostages!

3 thoughts on “US Catholic Regina magazine says Brexit is God’s plan. A response.

  1. I gotta wonder about a magazine that seems obsessed with “secret insider” information — a cheap appeal to readers with a well-developed “Us vs. Them” attitude. “Secret insider” travel stories are invariably reheated press releases from travel agents, along with a couple of “I ate there on my summer holiday” recommendations.
    The covers are amateurish, mawkish, Disney-princess dreck. Lots of money. No taste.
    Thanks for the warning.. not as if this crew would ever look my way!

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  2. The fact that CP&S feels happy to put out the Trumpian propaganda is a sad reflection on the state of that blog. As I just wrote to one of the stalwarts of the blog: “What we launched in 2010 was a traditional Catholic blog. We did not envisage it being used a few years later as a mouthpiece for Trumpian politics or the fascism of Steve Bannon: and some of us will resist that to the death. I explained to Marion today why my offer of a Lent series of articles on Saint Clare was withdrawn after I read the Regina article. That kind of political extremism was not what we set up CP&S for in 2010. We intended a Catholic traditionalist *spiritual* blog, not an invitation to the Fatherland.”


  3. To the editor of Catholicism Pure and Simple…

    Thank you Marion. I respect your view, understand the various difficulties you explain, and I wish you well.

    I do not regard the shallow and false political statements on CPS, reblogged from Regina, as material that align in any way with a Catholic view of contemporary events. In the silence we can hear God. So the Bible teaches. So we must believe. Particularly when the barbarians are already within the gates, even within the gates of CPS, sadly.


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