La costa jamón inglesa


La costa jamón inglesa, translates roughly as “The English gammon coast.”

I have only recently begun to realize exactly how many UK residents here in Spain voted to leave Europe. It is shocking: possibly as many as 50% according to some estimates!

So, while living in Europe and enjoying all its benefits, these people decided to deny their sons and daughters and grandchildren such benefits as they have themselves enjoyed: freedom of movement and work opportunities, educational advantages, wider cultural links, and all of the economic benefits of an integrated economy. Half the British people who live here in Spain, it is estimated.


This is the gift of the Baby Boom generation to the Millennial generation: restricted movement, fewer educational opportunities, and a ruined British economy.  Why?  Because the fat, pink sunburnt English gammon living on the costas suddenly realised they could get a few more percentage points return on their investments by betting against the pound, betting against the sinking British economy, and betting against the life chances of their children and grandchildren.  Brexit referendum Leave voters living on the Costas in Spain have committed the most selfish anti-communitarian action ever seen in the post-war years.

They have given away the social and political gains of their own parents: that wartime generation who fought for the freedoms that this selfish lot of newly retired people living here in the Spanish sun enjoy today.  Bloody  shame on the lot of you!

If I were your children or your grandchildren in the UK, seeing my right to freedom of movement removed, my educational opportunities reduced, and the economy of the country I live in damaged by your unbelievable selfishness, I’d get the next Ryanair flight out to Alicante or Malaga and burn your Spanish retirement home down!


I have met some of these gammon who live here in Spain and voted to leave the EU. In fact I was recently subjected to abuse by one of them (as recounted here) because I was openly campaigning for a second referendum.

I also recently helped set up a group in our local villages to help UK residents (regardless of how they voted) to cope with all the extra paperwork that will be necessary; either in a “no deal” or a less disastrous but poor alternative to EU membership situation: the “deal” proposed by the UK’s zombie Prime Minister and still not passed by Parliament, with just over a month to go before leaving the EU.

However, since discovering how many UK residents here voted to leave, I am having serious second thoughts about that!  I had thought there may be one or two, here and there, dotted around these hills.  An acceptable level of English eccentricity?  But if it turns out to be half the British residents around me, I have no desire to want to know them, let alone help them cope with all the new paperwork they’ll need!

As it began to sink in, just exactly how many fuckwits voted to leave the EU while living here in one of the most pro-EU countries in Europe, I actually started to feel physically nauseous. My intention to start a UK residents’ self-help group was genuine, but evaporated with the growing anger I felt when I realized just how many of these people, born in the same country as me, but NOT my compatriots any longer, voted to spite the rest of us!


Having lived in Spain for four years as a child in Ibiza, then worked in Barcelona teaching for three years, then lived in France in a Catholic community for a year, followed by a year in Rome studying, and then another nine years here in Spain, I have lived a third of my sixty-seven years in mainland Europe. I have lived some of my years under Franco (with a portrait of the Generalissimo above the teacher’s desk, and an army officer in uniform teaching us history!) and I have lived most of my time in Spain in a democracy, developed and supported by the European Union.

Sitting behind my rowing boat on Playa d’en Bossa in 1964, in the days before any old secondhand car salesman from Streatham had set up an estate agency on the costas.

I regard British citizens who have come to live here in Spain, and who have no regard for the importance of EU membership in the long struggle to establish a modern democratic Spain, are bad mannered ignorant morons.  They wave two fingers at the European Union – a fabricated demon of all their favourite tabloid newspapers – and vote to leave, hurting themselves in the process while believing the selfish-nonsense that tells them it will make their money pot a little bigger.

And as a by-product of their completely selfish decision, they also gave away the security of the whole of Europe against the military threat from Russia.  The object of all our defence efforts since the second world war.  The peace legacy of Reagan and Thatcher, of John Paul II, and all those millions of troops who gave their service years in national service and voluntary military service in the Cold War and since.

But they don’t care about any of that, the pink sunburnt baby-boomer English of the Costa Jamón, the selfish ignorant fools.  They’ll just go along with anything the Russian stooge Nigel Farage says, as it tells them in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express or The Sun, the newspapers that fill the news stands of Benidorm.

For the dedicated seekers of facts, there are three copies of The Guardian to be found each day in the Costa Blanca, but you must drive 40 kilometres to the W.H.Smith news stand in El Altet, Alicante airport.  But get there early before the gammon buy them and burn them.


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  1. For many years I followed the same policy. Then last year I began to frequent one British bar (I think you know which one “Anonymous”?) simply because our usual Spanish bar was closed for “reformas” for several weeks. After I was excluded from S*****s Bar for being too outspoken about Brexit, I have happily burnt my boats and don’t have to ever suffer their company again! Result. One of the things I recall more than anything else was an ex-con welcoming a new ex-con resident and recommending that he didn’t register with police as a bona-fide resident, as word might get back to the UK. We who have lived and worked in this country, and appreciate its democracy and its culture, regard this English filth in our midst as a parasitical cancer on the face of the community.


  2. Very well said! It is unthinkable that any person from the UK, living in Europe, would vote to leave the EU. Total hypocrites.

    Gosh! A third of your life?! I hadn’t realised it added up to that. Very nice bright red rowing boat. 😊

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