Goodbye social media, again!

20190217_133337.jpgFrom today, I have left Facebook and shall be writing only here on the Equusasinus blog, the only place where I used to be found.  As I was preparing to shut down Facebook I noticed the donkeys were – as always – mirroring my thoughts. They were all spaced out on the field ignoring each other!  Donks don’t need social media in order to be anti-social.

Any UK Embassy or Spanish Government advice useful to UK residents will be added to this blog, so it will still be available from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

I only set up Twitter and Facebook accounts in order to participate in the pro-EU Remain campaign in the battle against Brexit. Facebook seemed to be indispensable to that campaign so I reluctantly rejoined it. I had lived happily without it for some years and will be pleased to resume the none social media presence I once enjoyed!

My Twitter account was closed last week and I’m closing Facebook now.


I continue in the pro-EU campaign now with the letter-writing lobbying campaign. I have gone full-circle in this last phase, back to where we were two years ago, writing letters to MPs and MEPs. I am more useful in this work now. In any case the social media campaigns have largely descended into battles waged with the blunderbuss and catapult of abuse and smear, now that people have become so exhausted by it all that the creativity has gone out, together with any remaining patience.

The gross betrayal by Corbyn and the ultra-left has caused immense damage to the coherence of the Remain campaign, and the resulting savagery can be seen all over social media! I beg to be forgiven, at the age of 67, if I find my skills may be better employed writing and lobbying, rather than barking and braying.


I will be marching with Veterans for Europe on that day. The following Saturday, 30th March, all are welcome for the “We Are European” paella party here at El Parral.


One day there will be an enquiry into all of this. One day people will look back on it all and say, “That was not normal behaviour for a developed nation.”  I may not see that day, but I will see more almond blossom, more sunny days with donkeys, and maybe get my life back again after the Brexit battle.  We are still European, whatever the Euro-deniers say!


One thought on “Goodbye social media, again!

  1. I have also seriously been thinking of ditching Facebook too! It’s becoming so tribal and one so easily can get stuck in a ‘bubble’, but I am nevertheless continuing for a while, particularly as I am a member of #InlimboToo, #InLimbo, as well as BHOV who I feel are nevertheless worthwhile ‘Fellow Europeans’. #IamEuropean! Having now lived on the Continent for this year being my 47th year (indeed going over to Europe 1 year before the U.K. officially joined the then EEC)! Luckily I have just been confirmed that I do not have to worry about my status here where I live, as I already have my own house since 1997 and have continuously lived here since 2005. My (retirement) income is sufficient for my needs and is enough for me to stay here in Hungary.
    I had lived, loved, married and divorced in the Netherlands and have worked over the whole of Europe in my professional career.
    So I feel at least blessed that I can still now get on with my life in my beloved Europe, having (hopefully) shortly obtaining my Dual Citizenship of Hungarian.
    Having lived here on the Continent for so long I have not bee ‘brainwashed’ like some of my fellow countrymen by the Tabloid press! It grieves me though to think such a ‘tolerant’ and ‘Fair’ country has been ‘molested’ by a mob of fanatics. I am sure that it will have it’s positive ‘attributes’ in the end, but it does sadden me no end.


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