29 March 2019

Today 29 March was the day that Theresa May repeated more than 100 times was meant to be the day “Britain is leaving the European Union”.

Thanks largely to her own monumental incompetence but also to the plain fact that even those supporting it have no idea what Brexit actually means, we are still in Europe and still watching chaotic scenes in the British Parliament, as MPs once again fail to agree on anything.

At the end of this total calamity, hopefully we will stop Brexit but whatever happens, Britain must begin the process of a new constitutional settlement and a modern parliament, a fairer voting system.  British democracy has now been presented to the world as a circus and British Parliament a laughing stock.


2 thoughts on “29 March 2019

  1. Good morning Gareth, I completely agree with you; our Parliament needs bringing up to the 21st Century it is exceedingly ‘divisive’ in it’s setup and Westminster should be made into a Museum! The Centre of Parliament should now be somewhere in the Midlands. A new Chamber semi circular as in the European Parliament should be built.
    The whole Parliamentary procedure for voting for your ‘own’ representative should be under Proportional Representation in my humble opinion.
    A wonderful march on the 23rd of March, with the Police estimating the amount of demonstrators between 1, 5 to 2 M people. But of course it is being denounced and even suggested that only 300 to 500 k people demonstrated. We are all being held to ransom!!


  2. Numbers of demonstrators at any given event are always subject to wild claims (either by those supporting the event or hoping to detract from it) but the police figure is quite a remarkable departure from their normal practice which is to err on the conservative side. The reason why they have given this figure is the helicopter shots enable an accurate estimate of the number of people per square metre, over the entire route: at a given moment plus the continuing replacement of the march as Hyde Park continued emptying into the route for six hours or more. So it is possible to give a very accurate figure on this occasion.

    When I left Parliament Square – where speeches continued five hours after we had set off from Park Lane – I crossed St James Park and saw six police officers marching along Horseguards Parade. I suddenly realised they were the only police I had seen all day! I then crossed through the continuing march in Pall Mall and at Piccadilly I saw in the distance the march still coming in from Hyde Park.

    The dimmocks from the Leave camp who suggested the march was only 300,000 (!) and were whingeing as usual about “fake news” simply show their stupidity. In recent times we Remainers have been told not to call Leavers “stupid” – in the forlorn hope that it is time to ´build bridges´- but I am happy to call them stupid. In today’s Sunday Observer newspaper, Nick Cohen says at the end of an excellent article on political extremism and paranoia: “And if people scream about you treating them like “hoodwinked imbeciles”, you must have the confidence to say that “hoodwinked” is exactly what they have been and that if they doubt it, they need only look at the catastrophe that surrounds them.” https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/30/far-easier-to-be-hoodwinked-if-you-really-think-they-are-out-to-get-you-conspiracy-theorists


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