We are European!

In a small gathering of English, Dutch, Spanish and American friends on Saturday 30 March here at El Parral, we celebrated with paella the day after the much-trumpeted “Brexit” day 29 March, and declared “We are European!”

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The Brexiters have been confounded – or to put it simply, they have confounded themselves – and it is clear, as they fight each other like rats in a sack, that they had no practical plan for what Brexit meant or how to achieve it.  Immense damage has been done to the United Kingdom – which may not survive as a Union – and to Britain’s reputation for having the Mother of Parliaments.  Our situation as British living in Europe has been thrown into uncertainty by the irresponsibility of Leavers, including some deranged British who reside here in mainland Europe and voted for something which any fool could see was going to damage our lives here, but also remove from their own children and grandchildren the right to free movement that they themselves have enjoyed. Madness.

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Vegetarian paella (top) by Gareth and traditional paella valenciana (lower right) by Carl.  Photo by Ginés.

As I said to a Spanish friend “Los britanicos no pueden organizar un buen Brexit, entonces ¡mejor que se callan y aprenden preparar una buena paella!” The British cannot organise a good Brexit, so it is better that they shut up and learn how to prepare a good paella! 🇪🇺 🥘

Who knows where we go from here?  More chaos in Parliament this week is guaranteed to get a worldwide audience, as it has now become everyone’s favourite soap opera.  The national embarrassment is complete.

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Simple routines continue, regardless of the uncertainty.  (Photo by Steve.)

Here at El Parral, life goes on, whatever this madness ends up doing to our future health care, our pensions, our reputation.  I have one more year to wait for the opportunity to apply for a Spanish passport. Ten years continuous residence is the qualifying factor.

In today’s Observer there is an excellent article by Nick Cohen on the way paranoia gives rise to populism and dodgy politics on both right and left.  He says, “We are at an exceptional moment because paranoia is nurtured and exploited by the powerful and turned from everyday bitterness into global ideologies. An under-reported consequence, which makes sense as soon as you think about how easily supporters of Johnson, Trump and Corbyn can lie, is the collapse of ordinary morality.”

Goodbye Britain: we didn’t leave you, but you left us.  Leavers: enjoy your attempt to “take back control” and please start by controlling your own paranoia.

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  1. And we enjoyed our Spanish themed celebratory meal here to. I wore my EU hat with a different air on Friday – knowing that we had so far managed to halt Brexit – on that day not simply wearing it to show that I am proud to be European and as a statement to reject Brexit, but to highlight that come Brexit day we are still in and that this is an achievement – at least for the moment – and something very much worth celebrating! We’ve had European weather for the last couple of days as well! ¡Somos Europeos! 🤗🇪🇺

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  2. Spanish Civil War ended 80 years ago tomorrow. From June 2016 to April 2019 Brexit has lasted as long as the Spanish Civil War.

    SCW from July 1936 to April 1939. Brexit from June 2016 to April 2019. Same old fascists still the main problem.

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  3. Good morning Gareth, (pero ¡Buenos Dias!) a good piece as usual! For myself living now for 46 years on the Continent and this is my 14th year living in Hungary, I can get settled status without any real problem (luckily for me), but I am wanting in fact to get Dual Nationality in order to ensure that I can keep my FoM over the whole of Europe. Europe is my home, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and now Hungary. Although still having family in the U.K. and I do love the countryside, but now to call it my home?…….
    Having took part in the march on the 23rd of March in London with my ‘group’ #InLlMBO & #InLIMBOtoo, I was marching with many of my European friends. What a gathering, all smiles (even the Police) no bullying, no problems. Quite different from the BREXIT march on the 29th. But we really all know the answers and reality; the British Press have been carrying on a Propaganda ‘war’ on Europe for the last two to three decades.
    I wish you well and all the best for the future in your ‘Corner’ of Europe!

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  4. Hi Arthur,

    Yes, the constant drip-drip of anti-EU misinformation from the majority of the British press (particularly the Daily Mail but in general, the main popular rags in the UK). The lies and propaganda have hoodwinked the key sectors of the British electorate, those who have always had an inflated view of Britain’s post-colonial place in the world. To be honest, just as Nick Bowles MP walked out from the Conservative benches last night, renouncing his party, I think it is coming close to the time when I will be very happy to renounce my British citizenship. I don’t even like the country any more!


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