The end of May

And that’s all I’ll say about her.

It is the 31st. of May and I have not written a blog post since 24th April.  That is the longest time without a regular post since 2010 when I began writing Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage from which this blog continued five years later.   There is no particular reason for the recent silence.  I have been busy on a long list of practical projects; and also caught up in the continuing soap opera which is the dismal state of the United Kingdom these days and playing my part in the deliberate and systematic sabotage of Brexit, which I see as a patriotic duty; plus I am now quite simply enjoying my retirement now that I am in the second year of it. The garden and the birdsong are more appealing than the internet, which is as it should be.

Things can go slower now, without any need to apologize for the fact!  Today I happened to notice it is the end of the month and looked at the stats for the blog. I was very surprised to find that the stats are booming, with up to eighty hits per day.  The hits included one from Nepal: presumably from a climber bored in the queue for the summit of Everest.

Everest 1

Let’s try and persuade Rubí donkey to write a blogpost for next Tuesday.  Till then, have a good weekend.


Update, Saturday 1st June:

To give you a flavour of what I mean about “the dismal state of the United Kingdom these days,” here is Jeremy Hunt the Foreign Secretary doing what he does best: making a total arse of himself.



10 thoughts on “The end of May

  1. ‘Nope, still nothing’ was the code phrase for Hunt’s 1953 expedition meaning, ‘Send more oxygen’. Pick up the tanks at La Vila hospital and get you and the donks over, now. Who needs Yaks FFS. Make a fortune in that queue.

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  2. UK bird immigration figures are still thriving here in the UK too! They are singing of the joys of the end of May.

    Is that an overcrowded Everest, or Benidorm beach in December?!

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  3. Yes, since the referendum the UK has become known as Cloud Cuckoo Land, and it’s become quite a popular destination.


  4. Hello, Anonymous Jean of Finestrat. Yes, Cloud Cuckoo land indeed. I don’t listen to any news from the UK just now, since the “leadership” election (what leadership?) is such a disgusting parade of self-indulgence, at a time of national emergency, that it makes me physically sick to hear anything about it.


  5. Hi Catherine. Glad to see you are still reading the blog! You’re not in that queue for the Everest summit, are you? There will be more from Rubí donkey on Tuesday. She is also known these days as “Mrs Barker-Bray” due to her half-bark/half-bray which has been the most surprising recent development here. The only donkey who had been mute began making these weird noises twelve months ago.


  6. Sorry! Anonymous Jean of Finestrat’s comment was actually made by me, Anonymous Alys of Orxeta…


  7. Much confusiononymous… :-{ That’s why I said – some months ago – that anonymous comments would not be accepted! Then I relented and thought anyone posting anonymously was just Anonymous Jean of Finestrat. And you thought this was a simple donkey blog…


  8. There is another excellent article in the Observer today from Nick Cohen:

    One thing I didn’t know about was the origin of May’s awful remarks about “citizens of nowhere”which so annoyed us Remainers back in 2017. It played on an excellent article exploring pro-European identity – coining the phrase “citizens of anywhere” – by David Goodhart which is worth reading in full if you missed it two years ago. and having read it now for the first time, I count myself in the tribe of “citizens of everywhere.” The other tribe (the Leavers) are described as “citizens of somewhere” and the definition really helps to understand their mentality. What is not easy to understand is the mentality of the resident British in Benidorm (or indeed Finestrat!) who voted for Brexit… They just don’t fit the model.


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