Lobby the EU now

Dear Sra. Martínez-Alberola,*

I am a British resident with my own rural property living in Comunidad Valenciana. I retired after teaching Geography here in Spain for ten years. I am a committed European and part of the British resistance to the Brexit project.  

Although I am connected with Eurocitizens here in Spain and have done work with the British in Europe lobbying team, and also Veterans for Europe, I am writing to you now as an individual.  I would like you to regard this personal message as typical of the views of very many British people, resident both in EU and in UK, appalled at the present extreme language and behaviour of the UK Government.  I urge you to stand firm against them and I encourage you and others in the European Commission to quickly demolish the present fantasies of the new Downing Street Brexit propagandists immediately.  

I understand British Prime Minister Johnson is sending his most senior EU adviser David Frost to hold talks with you and other EU officials during the next 48 hours with the aim of removing the Irish backstop.  I am interested to see that this is now being called the “undemocratic” backstop, as part of a new propaganda campaign but this will not fool any intelligent observer: the backstop was granted by the EU at the request of the previous UK negotiators.  Anyone can see through such new propaganda!

Please: on no account give an inch to Mr Frost nor the UK government 0n this issue.  You will have a significant segment of the British population on your side, both in the EU and in the UK.  What is at stake here is very important for the people of Ireland.  I am sure you and your EU team will do the right thing, but I wanted to make my own personal appeal and offer my fullest encouragement to you.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Thomas
NIE X1505548Z, resident in Orxeta, Marina Baixa

*Sra. Clara Martínez-Alberola is the EU Head of Cabinet.
Email: clara.martinez-alberola@ec.europa.eu

Note on BiE group lobbying:

As far as I am aware, the hugely successful group campaigns of the previous years have disappeared in the present phase. Maybe that is a result of all the confusion over the earlier Brexit departure date in March, or it may be simply exhaustion. Personally, I have seen the successful results of such lobbying and at the moment it is simply all we have left, as we have all (whether Remainers or Leavers!) been totally cut out of the present stage of the Brexit disaster. There is no democratic instrument open to us. Lobbying is all that is left. I shall be exploring the EU website for a suitable list of people – now the new parliament is fixed – but most are on holiday anyway.

Obviously with the above named official it is clear that the Head of Cabinet is not yet out of office: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/31/johnson-sends-ditch-the-backstop-message-to-eu-via-brexit-adviser

From past lobbying experience, it is not unusual to receive replies from EU officials and I will put any reply here if received; but due to possible staff holidays now it may be unrealistic to expect a reply. Why Downing Street thinks it a good time to bother the EU in the holidays – having wasted months on their leadership election – is beyond me.