Good news?

Here is the news…

“Trump Trump outrage Trump Boris Brexit Trump climate panic Trump Brexit Trump Boris Boris climate panic Brexit panic Boris Trump.”

And some breaking news

“Trump outrage Boris Brexit climate panic.”

And now the weather forecast…

“Climate panic will be coming in from the south, but followed by normal weather on Tuesday afternoon before further spells of climate panic on Wednesday.”

…enough IS ENOUGH!
The Albert Hall: home to the 2019 season of BBC Promenade Concerts

2019 season of BBC Promenade Concerts

Find the full programme of concerts on the Radio 3 website here.

Download the BBC iPlayer, enjoy the Proms and SAY GOODBYE to Trump Boris climate panic Brexit bollocks. Life is too short!

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  1. Ha ha! That’s a definite Pooh Bear Piglet! We bears of very little brain can only take so much BrexIt, Boris, Trump, climate panic…

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