Of silly horses and unicorns


Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blog.





Our Peasant has put a nice cooling fan in our stable.  When he forgets to turn it on we have to go outside and bray at him.  He is a bit slow to understand what the problem is.  That’s a recognized trait in peasants.  As long as you bray loud enough, peasants eventually understand what you’re saying to them.


Most of the time we are just flopped in the sun or resting in the shade.  It’s the holidays, after all.  Our Peasant has tidied up his pergola and now sits in there listening to the BBC Promenade Concerts on Radio 3.  Personally, I think that sort of cultural experience is lost on him, but it is quite handy for us donkeys as we can sit through a complete concert of organ music by the Notre Dame organ scholar, or a rousing rendition of Shostakovich’s 11th symphony and it makes a change from those clucking chickens or the idiot squirrels fighting in the pine trees and throwing pine cones at the Peasant’s house.  Naturally, the concerts are also lost on certain stupid animals too.





And our Peasant went to the beach yesterday.  He told us he saw a unicorn.  We all looked at each other and said nothing.


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