The Brexit Letters, Volume 2

Continues from The Brexit Letters, Volume 1

By 23rd October and another complete farce in the House of Commons at the beginning of the week, most people – whether Leavers or Remainers -were ready to strangle Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, the Larry the Downing Street cat, and all missing the very obvious point that it is all Vladimir Putin’s fault.

Some pèople were also speculating what might happen to Gibraltar – which also has a land border with Spain, an EU country therefore potentially as big a headache as Northern Ireland. Spanish commenters in El País and La Vanguardia have been moaning for some time about the British “pirates” and saying it’s about time Gibraltar was seized back by Spain. Luckily, Capitán Pablo Pedalo, Spanish Naval Attaché in London, was on hand to clarify the position.

Dominic Raab the Foreign Secretary was quick off the mark to point out that the Brexiteer government don’t much care about holding onto any territory or indeed any dignity, as long as the “Get Brexit done.”

One reader of the ex-military veterans Facebook page on which these letters were uploaded missed all satire and irony in these letters and expressed his opinion that he knew it would come to this all along… 🙂

And then of course, unable to restrain myself from letting the ludicrous turn into the complete pantomime horse, I decided to bring a military coup into the sequence. As you do. I had grown instantly fond of the character of Capitán Pedalo, the Spanish Naval Attaché, so I thought it would be fun if a bunch of no-hopers in the RAF Regiment at Gibraltar asked his advice about mounting a military coup.

As expected, Capitán Pedalo was only too pleased to assist:

Not sure how much more people observing these developments on social media could take of this, I thought it best if it were done quickly. The bungled coup ended with a fracas in the Archbishop of Canterbury’s garden at Lambeth Palace.

Naturally, we couldn’t end this sequence without hearing from the Archbishop himself because he has a rather collectable letterhead.

So there we have it. That’s the kind of state we have got into now. There’s nothing sensible to do about the situation but the displacement activity of writing comedy letters from the Archbishop of Canterbury does at least help to keep it in the realms of a bad dream.

Finally, the funniest thing I have seen on Brexit so far. Elena Remigi is the founder of In Limbo, the group for EU people in UK and UK in EU whose lives are affected by Brexit. She says her husband sent her this on Facebook from Switzerland to cheer her up. It’s the perfect image of Brexit in a short clip from Laurel and Hardy. So, it’s Goodbye from them…

Update 28 October 2019

The last of The Brexit Letters…