Why I shall not be voting in the UK election

It is good of the UK parliamentarians to finally decide to do something – to have an election – rather than carry on doing nothing. As I was travelling back from Alicante today on the train I saw the news from Westminster, and I decided that I would not use my vote.

I suddenly came to that decision – as a kind of revelation really – and it was liberating!

For three years, since that awful day in June 2016, I have been part of the pro-Remain movement; working in different areas within it, lobbying and various online work with different groups, mainly using my writing skills.

I’m registered to vote, but that was in preparation for a referendum not an election. I have no desire to exercise my vote to elect a politician from any of the various useless choices available. Furthermore, having seen the UK descend into unparalleled depths of nastiness – including within the side I have been supporting – I finally decided today to seize the opportunity and resolve to play no further part at all! It is not my country any more so I shall not vote in it again.

I am European and eventually will be Spanish. It’s time to shake off the heavy muddy boots that I have been dragging through the Brexit swamp for so long, and head into the future with a lighter step and in clean shoes. I’ll book my Spanish language exam for the next stage of citizenship preparations.

Goodbye UK. I did my best to help, but like other Europeans, I’ll now observe from a distance with a bemused sense of horror. It is guaranteed to be poor entertainment for months and years ahead.

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  1. Yes, there’s a problem with settings. NOTE to all readers: please feel free to comment, but moderation is in place due to occasional hostile intruders. This should not be a problem in future as it was Brexit-related and I’m now out of the pro-Europe campaign because it has basically imploded.


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