Low-speed Internet arrives at El Parral


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Here at El Parral we like to think of ourselves as being at the cutting edge.  Indeed, while cutting ear-holes in newspapers to make our Halloween costumes last week, our Peasant cut his finger with a craft knife.  It was the kind of personal sacrifice for which he is appreciated in the world of pointless anti-Brexit protests, where nobody is quite as pointless as the activist who de-activates himself by cutting his finger with a craft knife.

Anyway, the photos of us in our Halloween horror costumes – dressed as The Tory Press – were duly posted on 31 October and nobody cared very much for them, as it was just the Peasant being stupid as usual.  The chickens put the photos on Twitter but have since decided Twitter is a waste of their clucking time.

Now El Parral is not to be found on Facebook either.  “Never again!” according to the Peasant, who says he doesn’t want to be part of one individual’s megalomaniacal desire to take over the world!

“Morris?  Was he talking about you?”

“Excuse me?”

So, the only place to catch up with news from El Parral is here on the blog.  It can take up to one and a half minutes to send a page from this blog, such is the wonder of low-speed Internet.

We had high speed satellite internet for a short time, earlier this year, but the Peasant in his wisdom decided to have another argument with a telephone company.  He had a letter this week from the Ministry of Commerce in Madrid, saying that he did not owe Eurona Satellite Internet a single Euro and they must stop sending him demands for payment.  It’s similar to the letter he had two years ago from the Ministry of Commerce in Madrid, saying that he did not owe Orange Espagne S.A. a single Euro and they must stop sending him demands for payment.

So, although he regularly gets threatening letters in the post from the lawyers of both companies, the Peasant regards this as a victory because we can just have low-speed Internet now, and that is a Good Thing.  Apparently.  The Peasant admires all things neolithic and he thinks low-speed internet is more authentic.

And that’s my slow blog for this week, so enjoy it at your own pace.  Meanwhile, I’ll just let Morris throw straw over my head from the manger.

The download time is much faster.


2 thoughts on “Low-speed Internet arrives at El Parral

  1. No, the guys at Led By Donkeys did a great job this year: we supported them fully with their campaign. All of them are full-time activists with Greenpeace. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsyLT4-uE9g&t=2187s

    My work is done. Now there is a general election, I have no further role to play. If it had been a confirmatory referendum I would have continued in the fight, but now I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in any of the main political parties, therefore have no more work to do here.

    Good luck everyone!


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