Equusasinus blog suspended

The equusasinus.net blog will be suspended from today and may return after Easter. The blog – and its predessor blog – had a very good following for an entire decade. In recent times the number of readers has dropped off considerably. While I have described the blog as a personal diary (and of course the Rubí Tuesday posts have also been my donkey Rubí’s diary!) the blog thrives on the knowledge that it has an audience. Since it is becoming a little unclear who the remaining audience is – and that is only measured by those who comment – there seems some merit in suspending the blog for a while and re-thinking the approach.

On a good day, I get three readers in India, two in Australia, one in Russia, as well as the usual smattering of Spain/UK/France hits on the world map, but little indication who these readers are. It is sometimes an investment of an hour or two of my time each week – or Rubí donkey’s time if she is writing her Tuesday blog – and the very occasional reader like (or rarer still, a comment) does not give much indication of an audience out there! Maybe there is a natural lifespan to a blog and we have reached it.

For the moment, I’m looking at a possible re-launch after Easter. I will in any case not be using the Internet during Lent as I am having a total break from it. Commenting for this post is disabled as I don’t much require any feedback on a subject which is simply a full-stop!

Thanks for reading (if you were.)