Journal of the virus year: Chapter 8

If you are not completely confused then you haven’t been paying attention.

From the middle of March and all through the lock-down here in Spain, I have kept completely up-to-date with all Covid-19 developments, adopted all PPE precautions and social distancing, and so has the other main contributor to this blog, Rubí donkey.

And yet, I have been gradually coming to the conclusion that the more you pay close attention to all the advice, the more confused you become. It seems that everything you have been doing to conform with the instructions needs to be reassessed in the light of new additions to information, complete reversals, or total gobbledygook which leaves you wondering if the politicians and medical spokespeople are trying to compete with satirical comedians performing parodies of government information. We have examples of this in Spanish news and UK News nearly every day.

“Pubs in England may have to close in order for schools to open safely.” This was the offering from UK main news headlines today. What on earth does that actually mean?

What next? Supermarkets may have to close in order for horse racing to restart. Air travel may be grounded so that open-air opera may re-start without overhead distractions. Traditional Punch & Judy may begin again on beaches but without the use of Sausages or The Crocodile.

I came to the conclusion today that if I simply carry on with my routine of shopping during the quiet time in the afternoon, strictly observing mask-wearing, hand-washing and social distance; and return straight home again with no further contact with the outside world, I don’t need to listen to any more mad instructions.

Keep safe >>> Be a speck in the landscape >>> Stop listening to updates

Enough! 🙂

The closing shot of Chaplin’s “Modern Times”

Update Saturday 5pm:

A clarification has been issued by the Special Needs Adviser in Number 10, currently on holiday in Specsavers, Benidorm…

“I didn’t say ‘Shut the pubs‘, you deaf inept moron, Hancock! I said, ‘Fuck the plebs!'”

10 thoughts on “Journal of the virus year: Chapter 8

  1. To reinforce safety whilst shopping, supermarkets will be playing the 1971 recording of Raymond Leppard’s sumptuous Glyndebourne production of Cavalli’s, ‘la Calisto’, with Janet Baker as Diana. I beg you scan the audience in search of the mask:

    In them days bro, you ate your supper on the lawn and said ‘thank you’. With or without…

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  2. Yes, it is pure Mad Hatter’s tea party, isn’t it? I think it means the only way to get the teachers out of Wetherspoons and back in school is to shut the pubs…? They are pushing their luck now with this level of surrealism: people will stop listening. In fact, I think that’s the only sensible response now.

    Did you go to Venice?

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  3. Steve, this 1971 version of Cavalli’s ‘la Calisto’ has an all-white cast, an all-white orchestra and an all-white audience. Since when were people subjected to police stop and search on leaving the Royal Opera House? What are you doing putting this offensive racist propaganda on my blog?

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  4. Good: I would like to hear about Venice without the crowds! (I’ve been there three times and always found the throngs of people unbearably oppressive. Almost like being in the rush hour in London.)


  5. If you want common sense, ignore all the “expert” advice. Pay attention to and heed Gareth! You won’t go far wrong!!!

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  6. Cavali didn’t score for Mariachi in this particular opera. I think you’re thinking of Madam Butterfly. Japanese chili bean starter. Black oboist. Cancún.


  7. Thank you for your kind words, Frank, but all I have done so far is provide a few superficial and sometimes flippant comments on the pandemic. Journal of the virus year: Chapter 9 will be the start of the real thinking! You’ll see.


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