QAsinus: the truth revealed. Part 1

Aitana donkey is the fashion correspondent for the blog and writes occasional articles on populist themes in order to boost the hit count for this blog amongst the stupid.

She has an online journalism degree from Complutense University Madrid, where most Spanish politicians have plagiarised their MA dissertations. The popular idea that even a donkey could get a degree there is completely true.

There is no virus.  It is all a hoxe.  The cause of thousands of people dying is blamed on the so-called “global pandemic” but is actyually an expontial increase in people being eaten by lions.

The actyual facts are being hidden from us by the people in power in Russia, China, the USA, the UK, etc. Only Uruguay has stood clear of the masonic conspiracy that has fooled the world.

This is all part of a secret plan going back to Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati* which has been their goal since the 17th century as part of their secret brotherhood. At the heart of this threat to all of us are aliens from outer space and wild animals roaming around inner space, the sewer system and secret tunnels under all major cities.  All the people they tell us have fallen victim to Covid-19 were actyually eaten by lions.

You must wake up to QAsinus and I will explain you all about it.  I don’t normally get many chances to use Morris donkey’s pooter, but we have all been more spaced out since the Peasant introduced the new feed routine suggested by the Donkey Sanctuary’s behavioural advisor Nicki.  (Yes, thanks Nicki – NOT! – because now I have to walk around all day to eat my food!)  

Thanks to Nicki’s advice, we have our feed placed at various points, spaced out around the terraces, instead of in one feed point where Morris can dominate the feed and get too fat.  Silly fat Morris!  And we all get more exercise.  It would have been easier to solve by locking Morris up without food and letting us eat his portion.  So, thanks Nicki (not…)  But there was a spin-off benefit.  I have been able to use Morris’s pooter and see things on the Interweb for myself, without having everything edited for me by Morris and Rubí.

And being spaced out I discovered QAsinus.

Because the government doesn’t want you to know the facts, the mainstream meeja hides the truth.  You can only get the facts about QAsinus from Facebook, Twitter, and YahooTube.  Even then, you only get a small part of the truth because social meeja is censored too aswell.  The only place to get the real true facts is here, because I, Aitana donkey – what is not a unicorn, as the Peasant says, but a propper horse – will explain you all the facts.  

In the Part 2, I will tell you why the virus is a hoxe and how the lions are hiding in the sewers and eating people.  But first you needs to pay $5 into my offshore Bank of Minsk (British Virgin Islands) Number 1 Donkey Food account.  Then I will give you a free access to Part 2, without adverts, and all parts up to part 59.

*For the background on Illuminatus see the trilogy by Shea and Wilson that reveals all.  The Peasant tells me he saw the 8-hour stage version at the Roundhouse in the 1970s.

7 thoughts on “QAsinus: the truth revealed. Part 1

  1. An explanatory note from the Peasant:

    Morris has been getting a very worrying build up of fat on his neck, which is why I made an enquiry to the Donkey Sanctuary. They really are brilliant with this sort of advice and have a wealth of experience to offer. I had never considered putting the food in various places around the two terraces the donkeys have, but it works perfectly! Instead of standing there in one place, eating till the feed had gone (then looking despondent till supper time…) they move around all day, from one diminished little pile of straw to another, up and down the slopes, getting regular exercise. So simple!

    (I think Aitana will be writing more about the QAsinus conspiracy but I’ll reserve judgement on that because I don’t want to be seen to be closing down free speech among my donkeys. Hopefully this sort of nonsense will die down naturally after November.)


  2. Obviously, Aitana, those fanatics in AntiDonka and Horse Lives Matter are conspiring to brainwash all those lions into thinking that a donk is tastier than a horse.

    They clearly do not understand the subtil distinction between a more tasteful beast and more tasty one.

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  3. Thank you to the sixty-three visitors to this blog from Hungary, keen to read Aitana’s exposé. It appears that the QAsinus conspiracy is very popular in Hungary but I should point out for balance that other conspiracies are available.


  4. Jabba, you realize that anything involving the Spanish Correos “service” will involve a delay of 14 to 21 days? You’ll need to factor that into the pilgrimage. 🙂


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