Indisposed in Bordeaux

Rubí Tuesday home-workin.

Rubí Donkey writes her Rubí Tuesday blogue.

Good mornin. Some readers has been wondrin where is the next episode of the Peasant’s virtule pigrimnage as he was about to arrive in Bordeaux but didn’t.

The Peasant is not very well, but not unwell enough that I need to put on Personal Protective Equinepment (PPE), so he is keepin off the pooter as it makes his eyes too sore and is generally fed up with the Interweb anyway. He also needs new glasses but has not been to the optico shop because he is still avoidin as much contact with other people as possible and stayin in his hermitage. He will continue with his virtule pigrimnage soon. He told me to just put some pictures of Bordeaux on my blogue to keep readers happy.



“The Peasant said he wants some pictures of Bordeaux on the blogue to keep readers happy. Can you do some browsin or whatever it’s called.”

“It’s called ‘doom-scrolling’ now,” said Morris. “Nobody calls it browsing any more.”

“OK, so can you do some doom-scrollin for pictures of Bordeaux?” Meanwhile, I looked at the Peasant’s folder of virtule pigrimnage photos and there was a photo of Bordeaux cathedral that he was goin to put in the next episode, Day 48 of Walkin Out of the World. Then Morris found some more photos from his doom-scrollin.

“The Battle of Bordeaux?” he said. “Will that do?”

“I think a bottle of Bordeaux would be better, Morris. Can you find one of those? And whatever else you can find in your doom-scrollin.”

“So, what have we got here, Morris? The Peasant’s photo of Bordeaux cathedral, the battle of Bordeaux, the bottle of Bordeaux and… what have you put at the end? Who is the lady on the bicycle, Morris?”

Morris had gone back to eatin again and he looked up with a mouthful of straw. “That’s Brigitte Bordeaux.”

“Excellent,” I said. “I expect the Peasant will be very pleased when he sees how we have helped his virtule pigrimnage while he is indisposed.”

So that’s all from my Rubí Tuesday blogue, and the Peasant will write the next episode of Walkin Out of the World when he is more disposed.

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