Postcards from the Camino

The Walking Out of the World ‘virtual pilgrimage’ is still paused at Logroño. It will continue, but I am keeping it there for the moment, for reasons already stated.

Where Peter Is, there is the Church

I have mentioned the US website already on this blog and I would like to direct readers to the new series that I have arranged with the Managing Editor, Mike Lewis, which we have called “Postcards from the Camino.” The series draws upon my experience of the Camino de Santiago (and there will often be some corresponding cross-reference to stages of the Way of Saint James already written about here) but apart from the source material, there the similarity ends. There will still be a place for the continuing Walking Out of the World series.

Unlike here, the series is aimed directly at the Catholic readership of WPI and its role in promoting and supporting the mission of Pope Francis. The old Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage blog (forerunner of this blog) coincided with a time when I was involved in a radical traditionalist Catholic blog from 2010 onwards, which has now morphed into a dissident anti-Pope Francis blog that I have had nothing to do with for some years, but is now a fully schismatic blog, in my understanding of the way protestantism works!

So I am writing for a US blog that is helping to de-fuse the ‘culture wars’, as some of us (yes you know who you are!) have been saying for a while, “Where do we go from here?” Unsurprisingly, if you are Catholic you support the Pope.

I have now had five essays published on WPI and the sixth has just been sent in. I recommend the site to Catholic readers of this blog and others interested in the ideas and wide-ranging topics discussed. Of course, there were also a number of non-Catholic readers of this blog for many years (and maybe even now, but I don’t know because of the lack of feedback I already discussed in recent posts), so this recommendation may not entirely work for them. That’s where things are at the moment. I’ll give some further news of the continuing Walking Out of the World series eventually. If any readers here are interested to see what I mean about ‘proper engagement’ with blog writers, I also suggest you look at the lively comment boards on WPI. It makes it much easier to write, and also sharpens up your writing, when readers actually show they’ve read the stuff… !

There’s a link to “Postcards from the Camino” below, and the other essays on WPI can be found by clicking on the author details. For Catholics who still come here from some of the rad-trad sites, you’d do yourselves a favour if you read some of the WPI statements about the purpose of the site and the importance of supporting the Magisterium.

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