Postcard from O Cebreiro on WPI

Once again my efforts this week have gone mostly into the blog and the second of the “Postcards from the Camino” – which is from O Cebreiro – was published this afternoon. The blog series on WPI continues with postcard #3 from Ostabat next Monday.

Postcard #2: O Cebreiro and the priest who prepared an invasion

This is the image I did not use in the article, as I had enough pictures. It shows O Cebreiro (or El Cebrero as it was then called) as I remember seeing it in the Holy Year 1965 when we marched from there to Compostela with the Organización Juveníl Española.

The “Walking Out of the World” series here is still temporarily suspended, as I have quite enough work on my hands now.

It will continue eventually, and the sequence may now be timed to coincide with Holy Year celebrations and arrive on July 25th in Compostela.

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