The Catholic ‘traditionalists’ part in the Brexit disaster

Postcard #3: Ostabat, Catholic Europe’s international travel hub

In the third of my “Postcards from the Camino” on the US Catholic website, which supports the mission of Pope Francis, I expose the neo-populist political ideology behind some of the ‘traditionalist’ Catholic websites, including one which I was involved, before it left the orbit of Catholicism and went political in the Trump and Brexit era.*

These sites often have less to do with religion than simply being useful idiots for the forces that have successfully undermined the interests of the West, through Trumpism, Brexit, and the general programme of geopolitics promoting Putin’s programme for “Eurasianism” and geopolitical domination centred in Moscow.

My article is simply about Ostabat, and its place in the network of pilgrim routes across Europe, representing a Catholic Europe which gave rise to the present modern economic and political bloc we know as the European Union. I mention, towards the end of this article, the betrayal of Catholic Europe by those who call themselves ‘traditionalists’ but whose only job is to enable the wreckers of the ultra-right, the vulture capitalists, and in effect the programme of Putin’s “Eurasianist” assault on the West.

Once a part of the self-described ‘traditionalists’, and having seen clearly – two years ago – how this faction in the Catholic Church are the useful idiots of the neo-populist right, I am completely committed to exposing them. The article affirms my support for the mission of Pope Francis. This series of articles, Postcards from the Camino is not written as theology or political theory, but simply from the perspective of the humanities: the geography and history of the Camino, of Europe, and our common culture.

Ostabat: once a nodal point in the Catholic Europe that was a precursor to the vision of a European Union without borders.
  • That blog is now the rabid anti-vaxxer conspiracy-supporting blog catholicismpure (sic).

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