Confrontin your crocodiles

Today’s lecture about bein a successful life coach is called: “Usin the Right Language.”  If you uses the wrong language, things go horribly the shape of pears.  As I learned in my course How to be a Successful Life Coach, “At the end of the day, as life coaches, our job is about communication and connection. If our language is not connecting with the client, and they are not fully understanding us, we are failing in our task.” 

So today I will demonstrate this with Aitana donkey.

“Today we are goin to do a simple exercise,” I said, to reassure the client.  “I will not use words like cognitive behavioural therapy.”

”I don’t care what words you use,” said Aitana.  “I don’t need any life coaching.”

“When I say a word, just say the first thin that comes into your head, OK?”



“You said OK and I said GOATS!”

“I haven’t started yet.”

“Yes you have: you said OK and I said GOATS.  That’s why I don’t like this life coaching business.  You always mess it up!”

“All right, that was just practice.  Now we’ll start.  Pretty.”

“Aitana!”  She stared at me, as if challengin me to respond with ‘Silly horse!’ but I didn’t, because I’m bein professional.



“Good, let’s stop there for a moment and unpack that.  Why did you say ‘crocodile’?”

“Because you said ‘panic’.  I thought that was the whole point of the game?  Oh God this always goes wrong every time!  I’m not playing this any more!”

“Ha ha!  I’m the crocodile and I’m goin to bite you!”

Aitana ran off, bleatin.  We have successfully confronted her demons.  So that’s a simple demonstration of the technique.  We managed to avoid the words ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’ entirely.  I think that went quite well.

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