Notes from a hermitage

My ‘Virtual Camino’ from Worcester to Compostela began on this blog and then continued with a series of blog posts on the US website – culminating in the arrival in Compostela on 25th July – and I have drawn the series to a close, both on WPI and here on my own blog.

The pilgrim continues on his way.

At present, in the hermitage in El Parral, I have unfortunately (or one might judge ‘fortunately’) hit the technical problem of no Internet coverage! Thousands of tourists descended on the Costa Blanca and flooded the bandwidth that provides my primitive Internet coverage here in the mountains. After a year and a half of Covid panic, it seems everyone is keen to get back to normal – regardless of the risks. I just read of the death of a 42-year-old ‘super fit’ man who refused the vaccination, then as he was dying in the CPU, he said “I was too proud to understand… I should have known better… ” That is so sad.

When I look at the constant mindless anti-vaxxer propaganda of a website like this (that I helped to found a decade ago, then renounced and repudiated, I am astonished how it is even allowed. This site should be shut down. It is leading people into death and destruction. Why is there no legal redress for websites who are causing unnecessary deaths? On social media, bad behaviour and bullying results in legal action, but incitement to dangerous health behasviour escapes scot free. WHY? ? ?