Pilgrim’s return

After another journey on the Camino de Santiago, I am adjusting to life at home again in El Parral. For the past eight months all my writing has been published on the blog wherepeteris.com and the recent pilgrimage on the Camino de Levante, across La Mancha, and then the Camino Inglés from El Ferrol to Compostela, was published there as The Camino Revisited.

I have deliberately left this Equusasinus blog fallow during 2021 because I was unsure who was still reading it (if anyone at all!) In the next weeks I will be reviving and repurposing the blog, after the disruption of the Covid pandemic and the various traumatic times we have all experienced. I am not sure if there is any audience for it, but in a sense that does not really matter much.

The blog always was – from its earlier days as the Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage blog – a sort of diary, shared with any who wanted to read it, but primarily a personal reflection.

El Parral donkeys autumn 2021