Keeping normal

When the world is going quite mad, the safest place to be is alongside a family of donkeys.

Matilde and Aitana during the April wet weather.

When I woke up this morning, the wind was howling outside and the rain was clattering at the window. In the Costa Blanca we have had a terrible winter and spring. I ran out of firewood to heat the house more than a month ago. I woke up in a freezing cold house once again and huddlee under the duvet. Aitana was braying in the stable. She wanted to come out from her locked partition but she must not go out and get wet, so I ignored the braying.

Aitana keeping dry.

I turned on the radio and – half asleep – listened to the news. Climate disaster, war, cost of living crisis, Covid, political fake news, and a parade of farmers, truck drivers, unemployed service staff, and sacked P&O ferry workers. And – absurdly, as usual – a sad little bunch of ‘trans-sexuals’ (whatever that’s about!) Lining up to tell us their pain is more important than Ukrainian civilians lying dead – hands tied – outside their local supermarket.

As I lay in bed, listening to the news and focused on the local weather forecast that said the rain would end in 25 minutes, I really thought I was listening to an extended April fool joke.

The forecast was correct. The rain stopped. Reality outside was more important. The donkeys were hungry and food had been delayed due to the rain. They all appreciated their cuddles, carrots and food.

Aitana: donkette in a blankie.

Yes. All solidarity with Ukraine. And all the other problems our ‘betters’ have created. Politics is broken. World order is a mess. Focus on your family. My family is four donkeys: Rubí, Matilde, Morris and Aitana.

Their food just went up 14%. I don’t need heating. Their food matters more.