Rubí’s Tuesday blog… on a Wednesday

Rubí Tuesday

It is raining again. Yesterday it was not raining. Tomorrow it may not be raining. It will be raining on Friday and Saturday. We donkeys are getting fed up with the raining. Morris says it is due to climate change but Aitana says the climate has been changing ever since there were no more crocodiles in Spain. Silly horse in a stripey blankie!

Matilde doesn’t care: her dental appointment for today had to be cancelled again because it’s raining. It has been raining non-stop since 8.30 this morning and it is now 11.30. On a Wednesday. Today my Rubí Tuesday blog is on a Wednesday.

I don’t know why. Life is just like that. So what? You may have noticed that I haven’t written a Rubí Tuesday blog for a long time. That is because I forgot how to write. Then I suddenly remembered how to write. The brain is a marvellous thing, isn’t it?

The Peasant is hiding in the house – apart from occasional moments when he comes out to bring carrots or oranges to the stable. We have had an entire month of rain and the Peasant’s waterproof boots now have a leak so he gets wet feet when he walks through the puddles on the way to the stable.

“What are you writing your blog about, Rubí?” he asks me, squelching into the stable, his boots full of water.

“No idea,” I replied.