March to #RejoinEU

The current rapid collapse of the Truss government represents the true failure of the vested financial interests that produced Brexit. The March for Rejoin in London on Saturday 22 October is the first real opportunity to display the people’s true feelings about having their freedom of movement cancelled by their own Parliament. Hopefully it will be as big an event as the last People’s Vote march in 2019.

I’m producing free-use graphic material – with cooperation from the donkeys! – to help people promote the #RejoinEU march. Here is the first, which I have also put on Twitter. (Thanks to Aitana donkey, as ever the best-looking unicorn in the Costa Blanca!)

The last People’s Vote march in 2019: Veterans for Europe in Westminster
in a march that was a million strong! Here’s hoping the March for #RejoinEU can be as big as that.