Goodbye to tradition

I was going to write the Tuesday blog this week, but Rubí got in there first.  So you get two Tuesday blogs this week.  The nasty people who get their thrills by stressing a worried donkey, in the benighted village that the Refugio del Burrito brought to our attention, claim to be doing this because … More Goodbye to tradition

Lord of the Files

I have been pruning all the trees at El Parral.  I am into my second winter season here, and the trees have mostly been saved.  Regular readers may remember the trees were in a poor state because the property had been long derelict.  Now is the time to increase the yield by pruning back the … More Lord of the Files

Feast of the Ass

Today 14th January is the Feast of the Ass.  See the page about this in my donkey Culture & History pages.  I was also sent a link by Jim in USA to remind me about today, which I must admit I had actually forgotten. Many thanks Jim! He included a link to a priest’s blog. … More Feast of the Ass

The Brexit bouquet

For most people it is the end of the year.  For teachers, it is simply the end of the first term.  An opportunity to relax at home with the inevitable illnesses you have caught from the children.  It has always been a mystery to me, why we always have to finish the hardest, most tiring … More The Brexit bouquet

An Open Letter to Nigel Farage

Plaza Torreta 17 Finestrat Alicante 03509 Spain Nigel Farage MEP The Old Grain Store Church Lane Lyminster West Sussex BN17 7QJ 14 December 2017 Dear Mr Farage, I was galvanised by your performance in the Brexit plenary in the European Parliament on Tuesday.  You may remember I wrote to you before this plenary concerning my … More An Open Letter to Nigel Farage