The end of May

And that’s all I’ll say about her. It is the 31st. of May and I have not written a blog post since 24th April.  That is the longest time without a regular post since 2010 when I began writing Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage from which this blog continued five years later.   There is no particular reason for … More The end of May

We are European!

In a small gathering of English, Dutch, Spanish and American friends on Saturday 30 March here at El Parral, we celebrated with paella the day after the much-trumpeted “Brexit” day 29 March, and declared “We are European!” The Brexiters have been confounded – or to put it simply, they have confounded themselves – and it … More We are European!

29 March 2019

Today 29 March was the day that Theresa May repeated more than 100 times was meant to be the day “Britain is leaving the European Union”. Thanks largely to her own monumental incompetence but also to the plain fact that even those supporting it have no idea what Brexit actually means, we are still in … More 29 March 2019