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The blog archive here contains some earlier material from the Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage blog, mainly the best photographs and videos of donkeys Rubí and Matilde and their foals born in October 2011, Morris and Aitana.  Also there are archives of some of the more popular blogposts.

Five years of photos, videos and stories is a lot to wade through. A regular blog reader known as “orthodoxgirl99” is the only reader I have known who arrived and read a few recent posts, then systematically worked her way through the entire five years of posts.  It must have been a mammoth task: a bit like reading À la Recherche du Temps Perdu but relieved by the occasional photo of a donkey.  I think the next person to do this should be awarded a prize. I am not sure what kind of prize yet: maybe a postcard featuring a donkey in a Mexican hat, posted in Benidorm?

The archive will be set out here, with helpful short descriptions, or you can go straight to the drop-down menu from the Blog Archive header on the home page.

A. Blogpost archive

  1. Introducing… my donkey (8 December 2010)



B. Photo archive



C. Video archive



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