Seeking Spanish citizenship

(Page under construction)

This page of guidance and links is for those taking the post-Brexit  route of applying for Spanish citizenship.  This means taking a test and becoming a Spanish national, renouncing your British passport (for which the UK will now charge you an increased fee (2018) to make money out of you from Brexit!

I will be exploring this process and adding a lot more links, as I shall be applying to become Spanish.  Here is the first link, and there will be many more to follow, including guidance on language and culture tests:

At some point in the future, if there are enough British people in FINESTRAT, ORXETA and SELLA exploring this route, I shall help organise a group for exploring Spanish culture and history.  I think I am sufficiently well qualified for this after a Spanish teacher in Elians asked me to teach two lessons to her class (in Spanish) on the subject of the Spanish Civil War as she thought I knew more about it than she did. 🙂

I shall not be helping with Spanish language tuition.  There are many Spanish people who offer that, and employment opportunities should be given to them first.