UK nationals in Spain links page

The following information is based on the consular advice sheet handed out at the Finestrat meeting on 21 November 2018 and the internet hot-links here have been provided for your convenience.  Each link will open automatically in a new browser tab, so this links page remains open to view.

(Please tell me if a link no longer works: changes are often made to web pages and links need updating.)  

Registering as a resident:

  • You must be registered as a resident if you stay in Spain more than three months
  • You should have a card or certificate with your NIE humber on it
  • You must also register on the padrón which is the local town hall register

For information about all of this visit:

Accessing healthcare:

Accessing healthcare in Spain or checking to see that you are accessing it in the best way, please see:



UK government Brexit information:

UK Government official information is available on the following pages, but don’t forget that we have much more information and advice on pages run by UK citizens advice self-help groups, both here in Spain, UK and throughout Europe. Those links give you a much more informed and up-to-date picture than the UK government pages, and are provided on a separate page here.

This page is regularly updated (I looked at it on 23/11/2018 and it had been updated the previous day).  It contains information about: Brexit, what you need to know; visas and residency; healthcare; working in Spain; tax, pensions, and benefits; driving in Spain; and most other information covering anything you would need to know.

You can sign up to email alerts on that page and you’ll get an email each time there’s an update to ‘Living in Spain’.  This is recommended because the situation is changing frequently.  I will signal anything important on my Facebook page and add to this page also.  As the government continues to negotiate Brexit, the official advice to you is you should:

Finally, a new bill is going through Parliament to safeguard healthcare for UK citizens in Europe after Brexit, and you can read about that here.