2. Chalet in a wood

(This series of pages “The Move” is from 2016.)

Another option has now appeared. A chalet in a wood near to where I currently live. There is 9,000 metres of terracing: quite enough for the donkeys.


Unlike the spectacular fisherman’s house that is way above my top offering price, there is no view here.  It is much more a Thoreau kind of place. But without the lake. So not a Thoreau kind of place at all really…

The great advantage is that it’s ready to move into, has everything I need for the donkeys, and as a bonus it is fully furnished. The asking price is over my limit but I am offering cash for a quick sale. The estate agent is talking to the owners tomorrow to see if they will accept.  It is a very depressed housing market at present so I may be lucky.  If not, the search continues.