6. The move is halfway through

(This series of pages “The Move” is from 2016.)

Sorry, this page content disappeared.  When I think I have an internet signal, in the new house, sometimes it is a “ghost signal” and I change things on the blog then it doesn’t save them.  Need a new internet connection for the new house as Orange is quite useless. Will explore Vodaphone instead.

Have replaced lost content with photographs of the donkey terraces, the vegetable garden and the house, as I don’t have time to write the page again.


Top terrace where the stable will go. (Ribbon marks the post holes for the metal safety bars which will go on the terraces to prevent donkeys rolling off when dust-rolling… !


The second terrace has connecting slopes at each end for donkeys to run up and down.

Third terrace which will be fenced to enclose the donkeys and keep them out of the steep slope down to the dry barranco of the Rio Realet
My vegetable garden with lemon trees (they have oranges grafted onto them).
Spring water from a source 200 metres away
In go the first transplanted tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.

This last page in the series “The Move” from 2016 was followed up by the blog post about the moving of the donkeys from Elca Seriu to El Parral. You can read it here:

Donkeys moved! – Equus Asinus

Moving the donkeys in July 2016