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You may like to see what I am writing in other places than the Equusasinus blog.

I now write regular articles for Where Peter Is – a Catholic website in the USA – and contribute occasional pieces for the English Compostela pilgrims’ association, the Confraternity of Saint James.

I will consider writing for other blogs without fee if the proposal is interesting.

Email @ garethomas(at)

WPI series, Postcards from the Camino:

These are sketches with a theme of pilgrimage to the shrine of the Apostle Saint James. Pope Francis declared a double Holy Year 2021-2022 for pilgrims to Compostela. The intention is to run these ‘postcards’ from the Camino over the entire Holy Year.

#1 Samos Abbey: the years of hunger (published 14 April 2021).

#2 O Cebreiro: and the priest who prepared an invasion (published 19 April 2021).

#3 Ostabat: Catholic Europe’s international travel hub (published 26 April 2021.)

Ostabat, and its place in the network of pilgrim routes across Europe, representing a Catholic Europe which gave rise to the present modern economic and political bloc we know as the European Union. I mention, towards the end of this article, the betrayal of Catholic Europe by those who call themselves ‘traditionalists’ but whose only job is to enable the wreckers of the ultra-right.

Other Where Peter Is articles from 2021:

Mysteries of the San Damiano Cross: Part 1

In Holy Week, our eyes are upon the Cross of Jesus and this is an opportune time to reflect on the origins and spirituality of the best-known painted cross. The 13th-century chronicler Jacques de Vitry called the followers of Brother Francis “the order of the true poor men of the Crucified” [1] and…

Mysteries of the San Damiano Cross: Part 2

In Holy Week our eyes are upon the Cross of Jesus. Today we conclude our reflections on the origins and spirituality of the best known Catholic painted crucifix, the San Damiano cross, which today hangs in the Basilica di Santa Chiara in Assisi. In Part 1 we saw the role of exiled Syrian…

“God will know his name”

Continuing to read Pope Francis’s Fratelli Tutti during Lent I am focusing on these words from Chapter 2: “Each day we have to decide whether to be Good Samaritans or indifferent bystanders” (FT 69). What if we live a life of solitude? Do we still have to make that choice between being Good…

Tradition and the Individual Vocation

In the first week of Lent I learned a lot from the Fratelli Tutti Study Guide, which I chose as a focus for these forty days. Still blinking in the sunlight after breaking free from the radical traditionalist (or “rad-trad”) rabbit-hole, I took the following comment from the study guide as a keynote…

Recent Confraternity of Saint James articles:


I was thirteen in 1965.  Compostela Holy Year meant nothing, nor had I heard of Saint James the apostle, but Capitán Nuñez gained our attention by sellotaping the Jacobeo 1965 poster to the blackboard, with a saint in a sort of cowboy hat with a shell…

MENÚ PEREGRINO (short story)

We are all back to normal and Xacobeo 2021-22 is an extended Holy Year, but I find the Refugio Gaucelmo in Rabanal is full.  I’m reminded by the hospitaliers that I should finish walking earlier in the afternoon, for it seems the whole world has walked out of lockdown onto the Way of Saint James, with a great metallic clatter of Nordic walking poles… 

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