Chartres to Bonneval

Day 23 of Walking Out of the World. The second rest day in Chartres was a silent day, followed by a return to the road, holding onto the silence again during the day. Now I’m continuing via Bonneval, Chateaudun and Vendôme to Tours which I will reach in six days. As I walk out of … More Chartres to Bonneval

An interlude: The Midnight Ferry to Dieppe

Leaving England now, the virtual pilgrimage from Worcester to Compostela encounters White Van Man on the cross-Channel ferry and discovers his name is Elvis. (This post is in homage to Geoffrey Chaucer.) (Previous post: Day 12 Wych Cross Newhaven ferry.) I bought my ticket for the midnight ferry in the old railway terminus in Newhaven. … More An interlude: The Midnight Ferry to Dieppe