Chartres to Bonneval

Day 23 of Walking Out of the World. The second rest day in Chartres was a silent day, followed by a return to the road, holding onto the silence again during the day. Now I’m continuing via Bonneval, Chateaudun and Vendôme to Tours which I will reach in six days. As I walk out of … More Chartres to Bonneval

Westminster Cathedral: departure for Compostela

Day 10 of Walking Out of the World, an 86 day walk to Compostela. (Previous posts were: Day 9: Chertsey Bridge to London; and The Peasant’s Virtule Pilgrimnage.) In nine days I had walked 170 miles to London carrying the heavy replica mediaeval pilgrim bourdon, a two-metre wooden staff carried by the 15th century pilgrim … More Westminster Cathedral: departure for Compostela