Walking Out of the World

Pilgrim’s Guide

These reference pages accompany my blog series Walking Out of the World: a virtual journey on foot from Worcester to Compostela.

The pages here provide additional information about the pilgrimage and the places mentioned on the way.

There are many general guides to the Way of Saint James, the Camino de Santiago. The information here is not exhaustive but mainly meant to give background to the route described in my own 3-month walk across England, France and Spain. There are some links to my recommended best guides to the pilgrim tradition.

On these pages you will find:
  • This page and linked pages are under construction and will be developed together with the stages of the virtual pilgrimage.
  • Meanwhile, enjoy the route so far, from Worcester to Chatellerault (13 December 2020)

Please feel free to contact me using the most recent blog page comments. There is no commenting facility on these reference pages.

Photo shows my replica 15th century bourdon with prayer rope and Compostela shell, on Day 18, leaning against a wayside plan at the southern exit from Rouen, en route for Chartres.