Webcam news

The plan for the webcam is still at the concept stage but I have had some discussion with WordPress and it is too technical for me. I am now exploring the possibility of getting some technical help and I hope to have the webcam up and running later this summer or early autumn if the technical problems can be solved and it is more affordable than WordPress seem to be suggesting after my initial enquiry (i.e. $300 a year! see below).

Proposed view from the webcam site in the pergola overlooking the donkeys

If you are familiar with the blog the webcam would cover the stable and feed area and I am planning on moving the drinking fountains to the point on the wall outside the stable, so the donkeys can be seen coming and going from the stable and feeding and drinking. They sometimes do dust-rolling outside the stable too.

Other activities you will be able to view include grooming sessions and Aitana doing her chicken-staring. (You may also like to take part in chicken-staring if there is nothing on the television.) I will be providing updates on the webcam progress on the blog, so look out for it: the live cam will be coming soon if the pricing and technical issues can be resolved.

Comments may be added below with suggestions and any technical advice you can provide. Personal WordPress blog webcam experience would be useful at the moment, particularly on the price plan issues:

WORDPRESS tells me that for such a customization, I’ll need a Business plan on this blog site, as with that plan I can install a plugin or add code to my site. price plans are here: and it looks like they want to charge me $25 a month for a Business Plan. That is a very unaffordable way to install a webcam on my blog!  I am a retired person on a small pension with a hobby blog, not a business, for heavens sake!  If this obstable cannot be overcome there will be no webcam, as I cannot afford 300 dollars a year just to have a bit of code on my blog!

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary webcams

I’m putting this link here as an example of a donkey webcam. (The sanctuary has a choice of barns for visitors to spot their favourite donkeys.)

The webcams are numbered 1 – 8 so just type in a different number to get various views, e.g. or

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