Gareth Thomas

Welcome to the blog.

Equus Asinus continues the five year story (2010-2015) on the blog called Brother Lapin’s Pilgrimage

That story was about the way that life’s journey and pilgrimage brought me to a settled life with four donkeys in Spain, and the gradual development of a new lifestyle in which the donkeys take up a considerable part of my time and energy.

I decided in 2015 that the blog had now become much more about the donkeys than about my life’s journey, I felt it was time to create this blog Equus Asinus which will have much more focus on the donkeys themselves, and more general donkey information. I hope to retain the interest of all previous regular readers of the Brother Lapin blog and there will still be the mixture of practical day to day life plus commentary and opinion, which is sometimes offered by the donkeys themselves.  Tuesday is Rubí donkey’s thinking day, and she has even been known to advise the Pope on climate change and exercise great donkey wisdom.

There will be pages of general donkey information, including the place of donkeys in art, literature, music and religion, and sections concerning preservation of rare donkey breeds, diet and welfare, and of course some information devoted to organisations doing good work for endangered, maltreated and overworked donkeys. If you have a blog or webpage which connects with all this, and you do not see a link to it here, please let me know. I would like this blog to become a place where people can find a wide range of well-presented information about donkeys.

The question people ask me most is: Why donkeys? I shall try and answer that in this introduction to Equus Asinus, in three parts, starting here.

Gareth Thomas

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