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This section of the blog will be about attempts to save the breeds of donkey that are currently under threat. It was my intention in 2010 to buy a pure-bred Andalusian donkey. Then I discovered that the blood line was so depleted that these poor animals may suffer all kinds of health problems now.  The history is an interesting lone because of the official role of the Spanish army in the past, preserving the species as a transport animal; then the army lost interest in that role when mechanisation made donkeys redundant.  I will be explaining the full history here.  A good starting point, to whet your appetite, is R.J Tenant’s “Wellington’s Mules”, an explanation of the equines used in the Peninsula Wars:

Andalucians at Les Hurtes
Andalusians at Les Hurtes

In the end I bought Matilde who has some Andalusian blood in her and I still take an interest in the work being done to preserve rare breeds. So this section of the blog will feature breeds in Spain like the Zamorano-Leonesa donkey, the Catalan, and eventually going further afield to see the excellent work done preserving the Poitou and some African donkey breeds.

Although the Quagga (Equus quagga quagga) is not an ass, I also want to include it because of the very remarkable project to re-create an extinct species.  Wait for the article on this.  As usual, articles will appear as blogposts, then will be reassigned to pages in this section.

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