Barefoot donkeys:

My donkeys are unshod and will remain barefoot donkeys, for sound reasons that will be explained here.  Thanks to farrier Brian Collyer who is local to me in Finestrat, I have learned about the importance of keeping equines barefoot and I would like to encourage further discussion on this principle.  If anyone cares to comment on this, I would be very interested to hear all views.



Are we being unfair to ragwort?  How many equines actually ingest enough ragwort to be poisoned by it?  Some useful discussion of ragwort here: http://www.ragwortfacts.com/

Dental care:

The Donkey Sanctuary provides a very good PDF file on all aspects of donkey dental care:
teeth care for donkeys

General donkey links:




“Eeebray is a digital encyclopedia of all things “donkey”, from history and breed standard to breeder and trainer directories to photo and video galleries to donkey show results and calendars of events.  Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn more about donkeys or already enjoy showing or driving them or just keep them as the lovely pets they are, Eeebray will continually provide a wealth of information and wide array of fun and helpful resources.”

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